News from, for and about our churches


A singspiration was held Friday, October 10 at our Loveland church. Refreshments were served after the program.
Rev. Lubbers from our Southwest church has left us to preach the gospel in Jamaica for 3-5 months.
A Family Nite was held on October 17 at Adams School. Supper was served and there were many activities for all.
A singspiration, sponsored by the young people, was held in our Doon church on October 19. John Kalsbeek led the singing.
On October 10 and 11 a Fall Retreat was held at Camp Roger for the Grand Rapids area young people. It was a very spiritually rewarding experience.
A Federation Board sponsored singspiration was held September 28 in the Hope Church and Mr. Harry Langerak led the song service.
On October 29 a Reformation Day Rally was held in our First Church in Grand Rapids. Prof. Hoeksema spoke on “The Word of God and the Reformation.”


Mr. and Mrs. Max Moore from Loveland, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hoogendorn from Doon, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Post from Doon, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Van Den Top from Doon, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brummel from Hope, a daughter
Prof. and Mrs. H. Hanko, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hop from Hope, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Huisken from Hope, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ondersma from Hope, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kuiper from Hope, a son


Profession of faith was made by Mr. Art VanBaren and Mr. Ray Poortinga of South Holland.
Mrs. H. Kuiper and Hulda Kuiper have transferred from Loveland to Southwest.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Huber and four baptized children have transferred from Hope to Hudsonville.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kalsbeek and their one baptized child have transferred from South Holland to Doon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hanko and their six baptized children have transferred from Doon to Hope.
Miss DaVonna Miersma has transferred her baptismal papers to Redlands from Doon.


Mr. Leon Griess from Loveland and Miss Vicki Clark on Sept. 18.
Miss Karen Reitsma and Mr. Gary Bylsma, both from first on August 29.

Mrs. T. Kievit from Hope celebrated her 80th birthday on Sept. 26.
Mrs. Richard Newhouse from Hope celebrated her 82nd birthday on October 19.


The address of Richard Huizinga from Hope is:
Pvt. Richard Huizinga 380-54-2614
Co. C 16th B.N. 4 Ing. B.B.E.
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

The address of Larry Koole from Hope is:
Pfc. Larry Koole 380-52-3836
Co. C. 1/20 11th L.I.B.
A.P.O. San Francisco, California 96217

The address of George Bodbyl from Hudsonville is:
Pvt. George Bodbyl 386-52-9238
HHC No. 1
Fort Stewart, Georgia 31313

Welcome Home:

Jerry Van Den Top has been discharged from the Army and is now home in Doon from Vietnam.
Robert Blankespoor from Doon has also been discharged from the Army is now home from Fort Carson, Colorado.

Our Pastors

Rev. R. Decker has accepted the call extended to him from South Holland and declined the call to Hull.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 7 November 1969