News from, for and about our churches

Rev. J. Kortering declined the call extended him from Isabel, South Dakota.
First Church has placed the following on nomination: For Missionary: Revs. D. Engelsma, G. Van Baren and H. Veldman; For Minister: Revs. J. Heys and B. Woudenberg

For the Next Census:
A daughter, Anna Mae, born to Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Meelker (Redlands)
A son, George Louis, born to Mr. and Mrs. G. Vroom (Oak Lawn)
A son, Richard James, born to Mr. and Mrs. R. Bos (First)
A daughter, Faith Alison, born to Mr. and Mrs. E. Ophoff (First)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Dyke (Hope)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. F. Zandstra (Hope)
A daughter, Mary Lynn, born to Mr. and Mrs. G. Van Meeteren (Redlands)

Congratulations are in order for:
William Post and Henrietta Korhorn (First) who were united in marriage on October 9; Gerald Johnston and Carole Pastoor (First) who were united in marriage on October 10; Mrs. R. De Vries (First) who celebrated her 88th birthday and Mr. P. Minnema who celebrated his 80th birthday.

Membership Changes:
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lanning transferred from Hope to Holland; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Teitsma were received as members of Hudsonville from Southeast; Loveland welcomed Miss Beverly Hoekstra from First; Randolph welcomed Jim Huizenga, one of their former members from First; and First Church received the membership papers of Mrs. Marie Poortenga from the Christian Reformed Church in Ontario, California.

Here and There
Highlighting the past month’s activities have been several broader gatherings of the various church organizations. The Ladies’ League was held on October 22. Rev. G. Lanting spoke on: “The Place of Women in Christian Service”. Rev. G. Lubbers addressed the Men’s League Meeting on the topic: “Must We Pray for All in Authority?” The Young People in the Grand Rapids area met at Southwest Church on October 27. It was a most inspirational evening and many of our young people were there to enjoy it. Rev. J. Heys spoke on the topic “Modern Attitudes towards the Reformation”.
Mr. Fred Hanko, a teacher at Adams St. School, recently addressed the Adams St. Mothers’ Club on the topic: “Politics, Patriotism and Our Children” and gave a similar speech to First Senior Young Peoples’ Society, entitled, “The Christian and Politics”.
Rev. Schipper is currently conducting a post-confession catechism class for single and married persons who desire to review our doctrine. They are studying the principles of reformed faith as is outlined in the Belgic Confession.
Oak Lawn’s Young Peoples’ Society invited all the adults of their congregation to meet with them the evening of November 1. The topic for the after-recess program was “The Future of the Protestant Reformed Churches”.
Miss Agatha Lubbers recently addressed the Protestant Reformed Mothers’ Club for Secondary Education on the topic: “Classics—Good or Bad?”
Confession of Faith was made by LaJean Klein, Marge Mantel, Marve Mantel and Jay Stellinga of Doon and Jean Fischer of Randolph Church.
At the November Mothers’ Club of Adams St. School, Sem. Robert Decker spoke on the topic: “Training Our Children in the Way They Should Go”.
Pancakes seem to be a favorite money-making project in our churches. On October 30, the Mr. and Mrs. Society of Hudsonville Church sponsored a pancake supper with the proceeds going for their Kitchen Fund; the Athletic Association of Adams St. School held theirs on October 31; and the Ladies’ Circle of Oak Lawn sponsored a pancake supper on November 3.
Randolph’s Consistory recently purchased their own communion set with individual cups; formerly they had borrowed two large cups from the Waupan Christian Reformed Church.
Hull’s Congregation recently met in congregational meeting to approve the sale of the present parsonage and Loveland’s congregation was called upon to decide the purchasing of church property.
Don Hoksbergen (Doon) left for the army for a six months period and is presently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.