News from, for and about our churches


On October 16, the young people of our South Holland church gathered at Geneo’s Steak House for a dinner and evening together.
Rev. Heys gave a lecture on Nov. 13 based on the topic “The Measured Steps of the Coming Anti-Christ.” Proceeds went for the Jamaican missions.
In raising funds for the upcoming convention, the Hudsonville young people sponsored a car wash and baked goods sale on Nov. 8.
A Federation Board sponsored singspiration was held in the Hudsonville Church on Nov. 23. Mr. Hib Kuiper led the singing and special numbers were also provided.
Mr. and Mrs. A Miedema from South Holland celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and held an open house in the church on Oct. 22.
On Thanksgiving Day a special program concerning the work in Jamaica was held in First Church in Grand Rapids. The program was sponsored by the young people of that church.
On Nov. 14, a hayride was held at A. Haveman for all the Grand Rapids area young people. Proceeds again went for the 1970 Convention.


Mr. David Poortenga of South Holland and Miss Lindsay Budgell on October 10.
Miss Shirley Bouwkamp of Hudsonville and Mr. Henry Bergman on November 11.


Mr. and Mrs. R. Hoving and eight children have transferred from Oak Lawn to South Holland.
The following people in the Hudsonville Church have made confession of their faith: Miss Mary Holstege, Miss Mary Lanning, Miss Lillian Lubbers, Mr. James VanOverloop and Miss Pat VanOverloop.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lenting from South Holland, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeYoung from Hudsonville, a son
Mr. and Mrs. George Kamps from Hudsonville, a son

Our Pastors

On October 31, Rev. Decker was installed in the South Holland Church. Prof. Hoeksema conducted the installation service.
Rev. Engelsma, who is presently in Loveland, has declined the call extended to him from Doon, Iowa.
Rev. Engelsma has written a pamphlet on “The Christian School: Why?” and over 2500 copies of this pamphlet have been mailed to residents of Loveland, Colorado Springs, Denver and other cities. We congratulate them for their zeal in Christian education.

Our Service men

This is the month of Christmas. Please remember our servicemen. They miss our company and our Christian fellowship especially at times like these. Do not forget to impart a little of your Christmas happiness to them wherever they are.
Christmas….for unto you is born this
day in the city of David a
Saviour, which is Christ the
O Zion!…lift up thy voice
with strength; lift it up, BE
NOT AFRAID, say unto the
cities of Judah, Behold your

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 8 December 1969