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Dear Readers,
It is a month of good news! We have entered a new year and are standing on the threshold of a new decade. We have challenges to meet, tasks to do, sorrows to confront and questions to answer. We have a lot of work to do it looks like and sometimes that big, unknown future does not look very inviting or promising. BUT, we have the promise of the Child and with that promise we will be able to smile in the face of defeat and sing in spite of tears. That is happiness and peace and love and that is the greatest and best news you will ever find in this or any other magazine!


On December 14 at 9:00, a Hope Choral Christmas Program was held in the Hope Church.
The Hudsonville young people sponsored a “Bigger and Better” party for all the area young people. The proceeds once more went for the coming Convention.
An “all sports night”, sponsored by the Federation Board, was held on December 16 in the Calvin Chr. High gym for the Grand Rapids area young people.


Mr. and Mrs. John DeVries and five baptized children have transferred from Southeast to Hope.
Mr. and Mrs. John Scholten have been received into the membership of Hope Church from the Newhall Reformed Church. Welcome!
Mr. and Mrs. D. Gleason and three baptized children have transferred from Hudsonville to Southeast.
The following young people have made confession of faith in our Hope Church: Gerry Dykstra, Dick Eerdmans, Dale Elzinga, Carey Kamps, Ken Koole, Jim Rau and Jim Schimmel.


Mr. and Mrs. Gary Griess from Loveland, a son
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nobel from Hope, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. James Huizenga from Hope, a daughter


Miss Jacquelyn Knott from Hope and Mr. Don Offringa from Southeast on December 3.

Our Pastors

Rev. C. Hanko has written a pamphlet on “The Christian Witness over against Labor Unions” and it has been published by Oak Lawn’s Church Extension Committee.
Rev. Dale Kuiper has accepted the call to Pella, Iowa. He is presently in Randolph.

Our Servicemen

The address of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miedema from Hope is:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miedema
44 Jackson St.
Fort Stewart, Ga. 31314

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 9 January 1970