News From, For and About Our Churches


Mr. and Mrs. John Holleman from South Holland celebrated their forty-fifth wedding anniversary with an open house on November 21 in the church.
The Grand Rapids area churches have recently been honored to hear all of our seminarians preach their first sermons. Their hard work certainly is evidenced in these first visits to the pulpit.
On December 22, the Sunday School children of the Loveland Church presented their Christmas program at 7:30 PM.
A Christmas Mass meeting was held at First Church in Grand Rapids at 2:15 PM for the area young people. The Junior Society of that church provided refreshments after the program.
The Choir of our Covenant Chr. High School sang at the Holland Home on December 15. A resident of the home presented them with a gift—a picture of the Roman Colosseum.


Mr. and Mrs. Lamm Lubbers of South Holland, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Miedema of Hudsonville, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kamps of Hudsonville, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gritters of Redlands, a son


Confession of faith was made by the following young people in South Holland Church: Donald Bruinsma, Richard Flikkema, Cornelia Lenting, Joan Zandstra and John R. Zandstra.
Mr. Robert Koontz was received into full communion at our South Holland Church from Our Saviour’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Our Servicemen

The address of Robert Koontz of South Holland is:
Robert K. Koontz, Sr.
B56-94-46 Co. 699
Recruit Training Command
Great Lakes, Illinois 60088

Mr. Koontz is serving in the Navy.

Our Pastors

Rev. Engelsma spoke in the Loveland Chr. School on the birth of our Lord on Dec. 24.
The address of Rev. and Mrs. George Lubbers, who are presently doing mission work in Jamaica, is:
Rev. and Mrs. George Lubbers
Garadet Heights, Coral Gardens
Montigo Bay, PO General Delivery
Jamaica, West Indies
From “The Ledger” published by the Loveland Chr. School, this worth-while quotation: “…all believers are priests. As a priest, each believer has vital work to do in the Church and also in his daily life in God’s world. Essentially, his labor is to consecrate himself and all his family, possessions and labor to God in thankful love.” DE

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 10 February 1970