News from, for and about our churches

Around the Societies
Something unique in the society life of our churches has been planned by the Young People’s Society of Oaklawn: they have invited the Young People’s Society of Randolph for an overnite visit, intending to have a meeting on a Friday evening and various social activities, including a pancake breakfast on the following Saturday morning. The visiting society would leave for home again on Saturday afternoon.
Among the topics which our young people have been discussing in their after-recess programs are “The Missions, Challenge or Millstone” (Hope) and “The Place of Women in Modern Society” (First).
The young people’s societies of Hull and Doon travelled to Edgerton for a joint meeting on January 23.
The League of Mr. and Mrs. Societies plans to have its spring meeting on April 17 at Hope Church; Rev. R. Harbach will address the League on the subject “Stimulating Interest in our Seminary.”

Membership transfers:
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Block changed their membership from First Church to South Holland; Mr. Milton Alsum was received from Randolph by Oaklawn as a member by baptism; Doon welcomed Miss Mary Ann Mantel from Redlands Protestant Reformed Church.

Rev. B. Woudenberg has declined the call from Redlands; Southwest has called Rev. G. Lubbers.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bleyenberg (Hull) who celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary on Feb. 6.
To Mr. and Mrs. John Blankespoor (Doon) who celebrated their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary on Jan. 18.
To Mr. J. Bolt (First) who was eighty-three on Feb. 15.
To Mr. G. Bergsma (First) who was ninety years old on March ll.
To Mrs. F. Decker (First) who was eighty-one on March 6.

Confession of Faith
From Southeast: Roselyn Ondersma, Harlow Kuiper, Lois Schipper and Linda Wiersema.
From First: William Doezema, David Doezema and Roselyn Tryon.

Wedding bells
Rang for Mr. Gerrit Schut and Miss Marcia Lou Steenstra (Hudsonville) on Feb. 20.

New arrivals
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Erne Miedema (Hudsonville)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. M. Moore (Loveland)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Schwarz (Loveland)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoekstra (Hull)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. D. Mensch (Loveland)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kuiper (Hope)
Twin daughters born to Rev. and Mrs. G. VandenBerg (Oaklawn)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Poortinga, Jr. (South Holland)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. C. Kamps (Southeast)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Arie Nobel (First)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jansma (Hull)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Corson (First)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hop (Edgerton)
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. John Kamps (Hudsonville)

Here and there
May 8 is the date to be reserved for a Choir Festival sponsored by the Hope School Circle.
Easter Sunday will be appropriately concluded with a Singspiration in First Church.
On February 14, Rev. C. Hanko and Mr. H. Meulenberg travelled to South Holland to show their slides and speak concerning Jamaica at a gathering of our people there. This followed a spaghetti supper sponsored by the Ladies’ Auxiliary.
In order to relieve its crowded auditorium, Hope Church has begun to seat a number of families in the basement of the church; this is done by turn and each week the names of those who are to sit downstairs the following Sunday are published in the bulletin. Plans are being made to begin building a new church soon.
The mission committee has decided that Rev. Lubbers should continue working in the Houston area. It was also decided to intensify the efforts in that field of labor, perhaps by means of a local radio broadcast and a printed “monthly community messenger.”
Miss Agatha Lubbers spoke to the Adams School Mothers Club on March 5, regarding the work in Houston and also showed some slides taken there.
Randolph’s bulletin contained the following quotation from a letter received in response to the last pamphlet sent out by the Reformed Action Society: “We receive the Reformed Witness pamphlet and like to read it. I think good literature should be sent out. So often in God’s work we hold back and don’t send it out which is a good way of doing and reaching some who maybe have never heard much about the Bible or go to a church where the sound doctrine or the whole truth is not brought….I hope you may be encouraged in your work…..