News from, for and about our churches

Our Servicemen:
We have the address of a serviceman from South Holland: Pvt. Adrian Lenting US 55777978, Co. D. 9th Bn. 83rd Tng. Bde.; 3rd Plt. USATC Armor, Fort Knox, Ky
Neal Buiter and Kenneth Haak of Oaklawn have passed their physical examinations and expect to be inducted into the service in the near future.

New Infant Members
A son born to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey VanderNoord (South Holland)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Gise G. VanBaren (South Holland)
A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Vanden Top (Doon)

to Mr. and Mrs. Gerb De Jong (Hull) who celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Jan. 21; to Mrs. J. W. Pastoor (First) who celebrated her 89th birthday on Jan. 14; and to Mr. Edward VanEenenaam (First) who was to celebrate his 80th birthday on Feb. 12.

Membership Transfers:
First Church welcomed Mrs. Arie Nobel from Immanuel Chr. Ref. Church of Salt Lake City; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Velting and one baptized child transferred their membership to Southeast; membership papers of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Knott and three baptized children were received from Southeast by Hope.

News in Brief
Rev. B. Woudenberg has received the call from Redlands.
February 25 is the date of the Young People’s Mass Meeting to be held in Southeast Church; Seminarian Robert Decker plans to speak on the subject “Love Your Enemies”.
The Northwest Iowa School Society discussed location, curriculum and transportation at a meeting held Jan. 31 in Doon.
South Holland has changed its second service on Sunday from afternoon to evening.
Oaklawn has been busy getting its church library in good order before adding to it seventeen new books.
Confession of faith was made in Hudsonville on Jan. 26 by the following six young people: Betty Haveman, Joyce Kuiper, Larry Lubben, Marjorie Lubbers, Norma Schut and Joan VanderKooi. Beverly Kamphuis, Gary Moelker and Carol Petroelje confessed their faith in Hope Church on Feb. 2.

Music in our Churches
A Singspiration, sponsored by Beacon Lights, was enjoyed by those present at Southeast Church on Sunday, Feb. 2; Chuck Westra led the singing and special numbers were given by Don Knoper on his trumpet, accompanied by his daughter, Donna and Mrs. C. Lubbers and Lois Schipper, who played an organ and piano duet.
March 15 is the date set aside by the Hope Heralds for a program to be presented in Hope Church.
This gem from Randolph’s bulletin is worthwhile passing on to you in its entirety: “Are we a singing church? Scripture repeatedly speaks of the church which sings. The church sings particularly in its triumphs. Think of the songs of Moses; the song of Deborah; the song of the angels in announcing the birth of Christ; the song of Mary; of the saints in glory. Even in sorrow, the church sings because it knows that all things work together for its good. Ah, who has more right and greater reason to sing than we? Yet, there is so much to be desired in our singing. Do we sing from the heart—and with zeal and enthusiasm? Adults: sing with joyous exultation the praises of our God—even though it cannot be with perfect tune; parents, teach your children the need and the joy of singing; children, open your books and sing forth with loudness, clarity and great joy. Can God be pleased when we refuse to sing—or simply mumble a few words? The Lord rejoices in the songs of the saints which arise out of the regenerated heart in thanksgiving to God for all His benefits.”