New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time again!  Time for those traditional New Year’s Resolutions!  We get a new start, a clean slate, a fresh beginning!  This year we’re going to do things right!

Now is the time when we resolve how we will live our lives in the coming year.  These resolutions may range from quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, or losing weight; maybe we even go to the extent of resolving not to sin in whatever areas of our lives we have special problems.  If we take such resolutions seriously, how should we go about making them?

A resolution, by definition, is a firm determination to accomplish something.  All rational human beings make resolutions; it is an important part of decision-making.  However, many people attempt to accomplish all their resolutions in their own strength.  Surely even those who are not elect are able to stop smoking or lose weight.  But they only can do this out of a selfish love and in order to calm their conscience.  By making resolutions in such a manner, man makes a god of himself and his own ability.

Now we, who are in the body of all believers, may not make resolutions in such a manner; for we trust not in man, but in God, who enables us to accomplish all good things.  The moment we rely on our own strength, we fail utterly.  Thus, our resolutions must be different from those of the world.

The question remains:  How must our resolutions be different?  Our resolutions must be prayers; that is specific prayers to God asking Him to keep us from those sins which are present in our lives.  It is essential that we come to our heavenly Father with such matters, because in God alone can we obtain the resolve to keep from sin.  This we must do to the glory of God and out of thankfulness for our salvation.

So let us not make resolutions like those in the world who make gods of their own will and ability, but rather let us pray to God and seek His help and guidance.  For in Christ alone can we find the strength necessary to accomplish that which we resolve to do.  We must always remember Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  This year let us make New Year’s Resolution Prayers, and let us not just do this on the first day of the year, but every day throughout our lives.  May we live our lives to the glory of God!