New Testament Guide

New Testament Guide

John H. Bratt – Eerdmans – 143 pp. – $3.00

Dr. John Bratt, chairman of the Bible department of Calvin College, has drawn upon his extensive background in Bible studies to produce a concise but complete guide towards the study of the New Testament. The dynamic theme around which the details cluster is that of the Christian Community, founded by Christ (the gospel narratives), developing and spreading (Acts), inspired by letters (the epistles) and promised a glorious destiny (Revelation).

Every New Testament book is treated as to its authorship, recipients, purpose, practical value, theme, and contents. And the contents are divided into distinct segments which are further sub-divided. As the conclusion of the treatment of each book, Dr. Bratt asks pertinent questions and suggests possible projects concerning the material.

The value of such a guide is immediately obvious. The wide range of information, historical as well as textual, presented in the handling of each book plus the efficient breakdown of all aspects of each book are fruits of a life devoted to such study. That those unable to sow such seed can reap the harvest is a blessing without disguise. New Testament Guide clamors for use by youths in school, society, and catechism and by adults whenever they desire systematic analysis of That toward which the Guide points.