Near to God

Near to God – a.l.

Abraham Kuyper – Eerdmans – 108 pp. – $2.00

Every Christian home needs a variety of good literature. Readers in the Christian home
should not only enjoy good fiction and biography but should also find time to meditate with the
Christian author.

In this fundamentally Reformed book the author revels and rejoices in the Christian
doctrines in meditational prose. The author has a moving style and displays an intense
knowledge of the Scriptures. The book is written for those who wish to be comforted by means
of the inspired Scriptures. It appeals not only to the emotional aspect of man but is written for
those who wish to engage themselves in an intellectual investigation concerning man’s spiritual
relation to God. It is not written for the juvenile even though there is a personal address and an
appeal to the every day experiences of the child of God.