My Father’s Care


My Father, God, lives up in Heaven;

His boundless wealth is mine

For thru His Son I am an heir

Of everything Divine.


My Father made the world so fair

And put the stars in place,

And thru His wondrous lovely Son,

Sends down His love and grace.


My Father knows what’s in my heart;

He knows my every need,

And He will surely help me out

For He’s a friend indeed.


My Father knows when I am ill;

He sees the sparrow’s fall

And He who really loves me so

Will hear me when I call.


My Father guides each step I take;

He is my shield and song,

He watches o’er me day and night

And keeps me all day long.


My Father knows just what I need;

He sends down blessings rare,

And all the time both day and night

He lifts my every care.


My Father knows how weak I am;

He knows I am but “dust”

And all my “good” compared with Him

Is naught but worthless rust.


My Father chastens me when wrong;

Makes use of staff and rod,

And guides me in the narrow way

For I’m a child of God.