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The following articles are recaps of some of the discussions that took place at the convention. There were two times set aside for discussion groups. The young people were divided into groups of about 20. The Beacon Lights asked these young people to write on what discussion took place in the groups that they attended.

At the second discussion group of this year’s convention, the topic “Serving the Lord with Gladness in the Contemporary Life” was discussed. During our discussion we addressed ourselves to the topic of Music. In the following paragraphs I would like to try to recap our conversa­tion.

Almost immediately we turned to Psalm 150 which speaks of all the instruments which were used by Israel to praise God. When the topic of “stringed” instruments was brought up in verse 4 of that chapter, we began a very interesting discussion of the guitar. Many of us asked, “Can we use the guitar in our worship services or in singspirations?” We finally decided it would be very difficult because of the way in which the world has misused it. Again and again it was brought up that we can praise God with all the instruments He has created, so why not the guitar? After a sincere and interesting discussion, we decided, if it would not prove to be a stumbling block to the listeners and that the music would remain conservative, it would be a new and beautiful way for us to praise our Maker.

Another of the topics we discussed was the new tune of the Lord’s Prayer. Almost immediately various opinions presented the thought that it’s fast beat and “Jesus Movement” characteristics labeled it as unacceptable. From there we got into a lively discussion of what was wrong with the music, the tune or the words?

All in all, I thought it was a super discussion group and to list all the topics we encountered seems impossible. We spent two very enjoyable hours around God’s Word, not only as the future Church, but more importantly as His children trying to find a more perfect way to praise Him.