Music is one of the oldest and best ways of expressing one’s feelings or sentiments. It holds an important part in our social life. At every society meeting we sing songs out of our hymn books. In our church services we thank and praise God also through our music. We worship and adore our Maker. Even the element of prayer is brought out and we feel the holiness of God.

Glee Clubs, choirs and choruses have been formed for the purpose of expressing thoughts though music. Programs are rendered by them especially for Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. Yet this covers only a small part of our musical sphere of life.

Now the music of the modern world is very different from our music. Their jazz and swing suggests all kinds of carnal pleasures. It throws the feeling of madness and carelessness at us. It is merely a crazy jumble of sounds and noises forced out of their instruments. Its bad harmony serves to instill a feeling of unrest in one’s heart. It seems to me to be a sign of the degradation of man and downward rush of the wicked to ultimately destruction.

So now let us show by our music, too, that we are “a peculiar people unto the Lord, above all the nations upon the earth”.