More on the School Question

It is gratifying to note that our periodicals. The Standard Bearer, Concordia, and Beacon Lights, are running more articles on the school question than we have witnessed for some time. There are also other indications which tend to show that the field of child education is receiving more attention than has been evident in past years. While this interest moves forward unabated, it might be well to in­ject the idea of combining our ef­forts into a sort of League or Union of Protestant Reformed Schools. While it is true that there always have been abuses connected with the functions of so-called Central Boards, this does not take away the fact that good can be accom­plished by united and co-operative action. There is, for example, the problem of preparing young men and young women to teach. This is of great concern to all communi­ties where a school is desired. Like­wise the matter of textbooks, etc. There is above all the pressing need for promoting this cause among all our Protestant Re­formed people. It has already been demonstrated that separ­ate school existence is practi­cal even in small congrega­tions. Perhaps if our periodicals continue to contribute more thought to the question in general, the desire to see our hopes realized will grow with the years. Perhaps it is not too early to suggest an annual or semi-annual convention of delegates from all churches, to consider the many angles involved in bringing schools to existence where Protestant Reformed youth can be trained in harmony with the principles and viewpoints which have given us a separate de­nominational existence. Such dele­gates could return home with new zeal and ambition and could be­come the nucleus from which pro­gress could be developed. If you share these thoughts, let us hear from you. The editors of our periodicals will no doubt provide space for the exchange of views.