In the Old Testament we read of many miracles.  The history of Israel in bondage; there God performed many miracles to free His people.  When they were freed from Pharaoh, they were led thru the Red Sea on dry land.  In the wilderness many miracles were performed: God showing His great mercy and power and majesty toward His people.  Marvelous things did He.  He divided the sea and caused them to pass through.  In the day time He led them with a cloud and all the night with a light of fire.  He clave the rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink as out of the great depths.  The miracle consisted in the Lord’s delivering His people through His out-stretched arm and in bringing them to the promised land of their abode.  And so we could go on and see all God’s wonderful works.

The greatest of all miracles is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Christ coming into the likeness of sinful flesh, born of a virgin; the miracle of miracles.

In the New Testament we read of many miracles.  Christ making the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the sick made whole, the lame to walk, the dead brought back to life.  We read of them all and marvel at His great wonders.

The miracle spells redemption, the breaking through of grace.  The redemption from Egyptian bondage, the conquest of Canaan, God’s entering with His people into Canaan’s rest were all shadows.  The miracle is the work of God in His redeeming His people thru Jesus Christ the Lord.

Miracles were not all the same kind.  The typical miracles of the Old Testament brought into being, not the reality as such, but its shadow.  The typical miracles were thus prophetic of better things to come.  Miracles performed by Christ should be called symbolical, as they effected merely a physical healing and were thus signs and seals of the true healing consisting in Christ’s making whole the spiritually impotent sinner.

It is not then the typical nor the symbolical, but what must be called the true miracle (the incarnation, the cross of Christ and its fruitage, the regeneration of His elect, their spiritual healing, the regeneration of all things) that brings in the heavenly reality.

Miracles today.  Are there miracles in our present day?  I do not think so.  We have God’s written Word and the Holy Spirit was poured out after Christ’s ascension on Pentecost.  God has redeemed His own through His only begotten Son.  The Son of His promise in the Old Testament, who came in our flesh in the New Testament and who reigns now at the right hand of the Father, Who shall some day come and redeem His people to the uttermost.