Military Mail Bag

Hello Fellows,

Again it is time to bring something for the Military Mail Bag section in the Beacon Lights. We have a letter for you to read and enjoy. May they keep coming in, so that it can be better for me to fill these pages, and bring something interesting for our readers to read.

Here is the letter that we have for our section in the Beacon Lights. It is from Gerald Cnossen.



March 18, 1954

Chorwon, Korea

Dear Friends,

I just received my first edition of the Beacon Lights. And was very happy to get it. I looked at the Military Mail Bag and see it is rather empty, so I thought now I’m going to sit down and write a line and help get that thing filled up.

I have been in Korea now for ten months, a couple of more weeks and I will be away from home for one year, but I am thankful the time has gone as fast as it did and now I’m looking forward to that day I can go home again, and if the Lord willing I will go home next month.  I’m really counting the days now, and looking forward to seeing my wife and loved ones again. The 40th division is supposed to leave Korea in mid-May, at first I thought I would go home with the division but a new list came down, and they have me down for April, so I will go before the division goes. I’m glad of that because I will get home so much faster.

I’m down in a place called Chorwon now. The city of Chorwon isn’t far from here, but it’s all bombed out and there is no one living there. Just beyond the city is Joe Chimp and he seems to be pretty quiet now too. I have been in the front lines ever since I’ve been in Korea. But it isn’t bad at all as long as Joe stays over there. I don’t think it would be healthy here if he started something, because this is the Gateway to Seoul.

We have it good here now, we have a quonset hut for a mess hall, and we live in squad tents with a floor and two stoves. We also have a quonset hut for a day room. I attend service every Sunday I can, but there are times I’m on duty and can’t make it.

I have a pretty good job now, I was in a rifle platoon at first. I carried a B.A.R. but I got this deal in communications while we were up on Sand Bag Castle, and I really like it. I operate the switch and radios and run the generator for our electric lights. We keep busy, but don’t have much to do lately, because we plan on moving out of here soon. We have to have a parade by Seoul. We’re going to move off line, and I hope to leave from there.

I sure can’t kick about the weather we had this winter, it only got around zero a few times and we had 4 inches of snow at the most, the days are getting warmer now, but the nights are cold.

I guess that’s it for now, I hope I can soon return to the good old U.S.A., but at the Lord’s appointed time only.

Your Christian Friend,

 Cpl. Jerry Cnossen



Cpl. Gerald Cnossen, US 55317040

Co. C, 224 Inf. Reg., 40th Div.

APO 6, c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.


Thank you Jerry for your letter. I hope you are home by the time you see this article in the Beacon Lights. The last place that I was in Korea was close to Chorwon, so I was close to the same area that you were, and know a little about the country where you were.

In the last Beacon Lights I wrote about a city and I notice that the name of the city was misspelled. It should have been Nara instead of Nora. This is the close of another month’s servicemen section, and we hope you fellows will write us a letter as soon as possible, so this page can be good and full next time.


Military Mail Bag

Everett Buiter

R.R. 2, Box 120

Tinley Park, Illinois.