When I moved into Sunset Village, I had to part with so many “goodies” that I no longer would have room for in my small room.  That included many memories like the things you are asking for, but I’ll give you a few things that I recall.

My earliest position with Beacon Lights was Assistant Business Manager.  Winnie De Vries (later Zandstra) was Business Manager.  Every month we would go to Doorn Printing CO. on Eastern Avenue where the Beacon Lights was printed.  We had to make new addressograph plates for subscribers whose addresses had changed.  This often included some for the boys (young men) in service.  I took care of the people living in Grand Rapids and Winnie did those from the churches outside of the Grand Rapids area.

Later (I assume it was after Winnie married) I became Business Manager, taking care of subscriptions.

Next, I wrote a news column and an occasional fill-in elsewhere.  The news included births, obituaries, entering the military service and their homecoming, and weddings.  Much later I did proof-readings. Later still (recently) I gave one of my poetry books to the Beacon Lights Editor to be used as fill-ins at his discretion.

That covers as much as I recall.

Best wishes with your project!


* Thelma Westra is a mother in Israel and a member of Faith Protestant Reformed Church in Jenison, MI.