Mass Meeting Report

On Tuesday evening, April 26, a group of Protestant Reformed Young People met together in our Hope Protestant Reformed Church for the annual Young People’s Spring Mass Meeting.  We opened our meeting by singing Psalter numbers 356 and 190 after which Dave

Engelsma opened with prayer and read a passage from II Timothy 3.  For our first special number we were favored by two solos sung by John Dykstra, “Oh Lord Most Holy,” and Psalter number 28, “Fellowship with God,” accompanied by Jim Jonker.  After our special number, we were given a most inspirational speech on drama by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema.  As a topic he chose “Covenant Youth and Drama.”  His three points were divided as follows:  1. The Basic Attitude Involved.  2.  The Principal Issue, and 3. The Practical Matter of Our Walk.

The purpose of drama is entertainment and the purpose in attending is the same.  We live in a pleasure-mad world and have to a small degree fallen victim to this disease.  This is shown in our attitude toward society, church papers and entertainment at conventions.  The chief purpose for the covenant youth should be, 1.  To be joyful in the Lord.  2.  To seek relaxation but to maintain it within a proper balance.  3.  To make our joy Christian in character, tested by the Word of God.  Principally, all drama is wrong and has no place in the life of a Christian.  In enacting drama on a suitable stage setting we become and are presented as another person as realistically and psychologically as possible.  Our own character becomes submerged.  The purpose in drama is giving and gaining an emotional thrill.  Drama is a misuse of various art forms and talents.  Acting is a lie, a violation of the God-given character.  The audience is deceived and led into a dream world as an escape mechanism.  Therefore, young people do not give in to these worldly temptations and hold the line, for once you give in, and you cannot back out.  All of the young people who attended this meeting realized the great meaning this had for us today and how we could apply this to ourselves.

After this speech, we were dismissed for recess during which refreshments were served.  After recess we sang number 200, and a second number followed, a guitar and harmonica duet given by Rich Kamminga and Jim Jonker who played “Lord Take My Hand” and “A Wonderful Savior.”  Our last number on the program were speeches given by Bob Decker and Daryl VanderKooi on the subject “Should Young People be Compelled to Devote Time to the Church” after which the floor was opened to discussion.  We closed the meeting by singing Psalter number 51 and Rev. C. Hanko closed with prayer.  Everyone had an enjoyable evening.