Made in the Image of God

Th’ eternal God created time,
And then within those bounds
He formed the earth and all therein
Which to His praise abounds.

He looked upon this wondrous work
And He proclaimed it good:
Ev’ry element so functioned
As a perfect world should.

Creation’s crowning work was man,
Whom God formed from the dust;
He breathed His spirit into him
That man in God might trust.

The image-bearer of his God—
What unsurpassed delight!
Mere creature honored by his God
To such exalted height.

Although man lost through Adam’s sin
The wondrous gift He gave,
In Christ His people are restored,
Christ died His own to save.

In thankfulness may we so live
To manifest that we
Are image-bearers of our God;
Redeemed, from sin set free.