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Come, let us look and see what love is;

All love is God and God is love.

Love starts with God. All love is His;

Love had its birth in heaven above.


Come, let us look and see what love says:

“I love Thee first — I really do —

With all the strength my spirit has,

And for thy sake, my neighbor, too.”


Come, let us look and see how love sounds:

Love does not echo from a hollow heart.

With praise of God all love abounds;

The sound of peace is love’s true art.


Come, let us look and see how love acts:

Love tells the truth, and quietly.

The poor and weak it soon attracts;

Love lives in perfect harmony.


Come, friends, and look at love with me:

Look up and see the Giver great;

Look round and see how beautifully

Love flows from us to all our mates.


Come, friends, what’s wrong? Your love is not

At all so perfect as you’d like?

Your tongue unkind, your temper hot?

You do the evil you dislike?


Come, let us look now at the sin

That makes us blind to Love’s great light,

And pray that God will work within

Our hearts, to make us love aright.