Little Lights: The Psalter (6)

The 1912 Psalter was the product of nine denominations working together to provide a single Psalter for use in their congregations. The times have been few when God has given so many Reformed denominations to work together.

Yet, even then, three of the nine denominations were already moving toward hymn-singing along with psalm-singing in church. These denominations abandoned the 1912 Psalter within years of its printing.

Even the Christian Reformed Church, only twenty-years after they approved the Psalter, printed their first Psalter Hymnal in 1934. Yet, this first Psalter Hymnal provided an addition to the 1912 Psalter. This Psalter Hymnal had English translations of some of the Genevan psalter numbers that had been well-loved in the Dutch Psalter. These songs were added as the Chorale section at the back of the Psalter we use today.

Many Reformed denominations in the United States and Canada continue to cling to the Psalter for use in their churches, including our own denomination, the Protestant Reformed Churches of North America.

Every Sunday, when we sing from the Psalter, we are singing tunes and wordings composed and written across centuries. As we start this new year singing once again from the Psalter, we can be thankful for the songs God has given us to sing to praise him joyfully throughout the year.

Originally published January 2020, Vol. 79 No. 1