Light In Darkness

The night was cold and chill

Enveloped in darkness was the hill

Where lowly shepherds tired and worn

Guarded their sheep until the morn

Should break; and send its light

To take away the shades of night


Sad and forlorn was Israel’s plight

O’er whelmed by sin’s dark dismal night

Sin laden souls weary and worn

Hopelessly waiting for the morn

To break; and send its light

To take away the gloom of night.


The prophet’s voice has long been still

No sacrifice on holy hill

The royal line has passed away

And evil powers hold their sway.

The way is dark and void of light

Oh God! we perish in the night.


Then suddenly the light does break

At sight of which the shepherds quake.

For sinful man cannot endure

Heaven’s radiant light so clear so pure.

They cast themselves in fear that night

Before God’s flaming holy light.


But Hark! The angel doth proclaim

A joyful message in God’s name.

Fear not Oh shepherds, Light has come

To take away your deepest gloom.

God’s promise given long ago

Delivers you from all your woe.


A virgin left from royal line

O’er shadowed by a power Divine

Submissive to God’s holy will

Has now brought forth Emanuel.

What was not possible with man

Was ever in God’s holy plan.

He sends into our darkest night

His love and rays of glorious light.


Rejoice, for unto you is born

Your savior on this glad and glorious morn.

He comes God’s purpose to fulfill.

Obedient to His holy will,

He cleanses you from sin and shame

And lifts you up to heavenly fame.


O give Hm thanks Who sent His Son

The pure and spotless Holy One

The Dayspring from on high Who brings eternal day

An takes fore’er our night of sin away.


Originally Published in:

Vol. 31 No. 8 December 1971