Letters from Our Servicemen

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to the section entitled “Feature” in our Beacon Lights, written by Don Jonker. (Beacon Lights, November, 1963. Ed.)

I felt this Convention Survey was well written and most interesting to read. Because by this report, others who read the article could get an idea of what other Young People in our churches think of our Protestant Reformed Churches and Schools. And too, concerning church attendance, considering their attendance good, one fair, and one poor.

When I read the part where the article- speaks of school attendance, I was rather astonished to read that only eleven out of twenty would benefit from going to a Protestant Reformed High School. I didn’t really know what to think of that, for it seems to me that only half of them thought very highly of our schools, and the others didn’t seem to care. This is too bad, for it shows that the altitude of some people toward our churches and schools is really alarming.

It also struck me what some think of our Church’s reading material, for it seems to me that most young people don’t think too highly of our denominational literature, such as the Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights. It also seems to me that reading material such as certain novels isn’t bad at all. But as to more worthwhile material, I feel the Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights should be read more on Sunday, but is also very worthwhile reading on any day of the week.

I was happy to read that the majority thought that the Convention’s purpose was for spiritual edification of Christian fellowship. This is a good sign, and shows that most young people feel we need a Convention of this type to make closer friends with others from our other churches, but above all to study’ and talk about the things of the Kingdom of Heaven, which we strive for most of all.

I feel that a sincere Christian must avoid a job which would have him work on the Sabbath day, and this is simply’ because of all the job opportunities there are today. I feel there is no need to work on the Sabbath day. It would also be against the great commandment of God, for in Exodus 2(1:8- 11 we read that we must keep the Sabbath day holy, and in six days we must labor and do all our work.) And according to Exodus 31:14, he that breaks the Sabbath will be punished, for his soul shall be cut off from the people of God. That is why the children of Israel had to keep the Sabbath throughout their generations. It is the day of the Lord, and we must use it to one end, and that is to serve the Lord in all that we do.

I enjoyed the Survey very much, and am wondering what other Servicemen from our churches feel about it, especially those that missed the Convention, as I did, because of being in the Armed Forces at the time. It would be interesting to hear what others in the Military Service feel about this article if they get the Beacon Lights and read it, because they are also away from their homes and church life.

Yours in Christ,

Roger A. Kamphuis