Dear Sir,

I am with much pleasure to write you from Ghana. How are you sir? Hope by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are fine as I am here.

This is my first time I am writing you. Please sir, I like you a penpal and am sure that you too like me penpal. I am a boy of 13 years of age. I attend S.D.A. Church. Also, I attend school at Kwadaso. It is Kwadaso MIA-JSS. And I am in JSS One. And in September I will be in JSS Two. I pray to God that He will bless you. On Saturdays I go to church with my brother call Frank Anokye. He is my only brother in the world.

Please sir, I will like you to send me and my brother Bible. My brother attend school at SDA at Kwadaso. Sir I end here, till I hear from you.


Yours Faithfullly

Joseph Osei Bonsu





Dear Joseph:

Your letter was appreciated very much. It is not often that I receive a letter from Africa: in fact, I think that yours was the first. I would certainly like to write to you, and I hope that others, especially those near your age, write to you as well. Your Bibles are in the mail. May God be with you and your family.


Your Brother in the Lord,