In the February issue of our magazine I noted with interest that the Executive Board is to submit “a plan by which we hope to elect new officers to carry on the work of the Federation”. I will admit that I do not know what this plan is, but I dare say that my suggestion which I am herewith submitting is quite a different plan.

Let’s have a CONVENTION!!!

The conventions which we have had have been stimulating and uplifting: they have been conducive to a spirit of unity: they have afforded our Covenant young people hearty and joyful fellowship: they have strengthened the bond which exists between our societies, the tie of Christian friendship.

I can think of no reason why we cannot have a convention, and abundant reasons for having one. I am sure that many of our societies feel the same way about this.

Is it unpatriotic to have a Convention? Nonsense! If that were so, there would be more ways than one to choose candidates for the presidency other than by Democratic and Republican National Conventions, to say nothing of the conventions of minor political parties. Conventions have not been abandoned or stopped because of the war!

I am also confident that our servicemen will be encouraged to know that we at home are bravely carrying on while they are away. It will also mean much to them, tho’ absent from us.

Nor will a convention be exclusively a girls’ convention. There are many of our boys home in nearly every congregation.

I suggest that our societies, one and all, express themselves on this score immediately. I also suggest that one of our Grand Rapids Societies, perhaps Talitha Society of Fuller Ave. act as host to the Convention, for then will we not only have time to prepare elaborately for the Convention, but time to spare!

This plan will erase the problem of choosing new officers for our Federation Executive Board.

Let us as young people be patriotic to our Protestant Reformed Churches. We owe it to ourselves and our service men and women to have a Convention this summer!

Fraternally submitted,

Jim Van Weelden