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Letter to the Editor

Dear John,

I read with interest your Editorial “The Teachers Are Ready Are You?” (August/September 2007).

I disagree with your statement that “the training of children in the schools is the most powerful way to prepare citizens for the kingdom (of God).

I believe the training of children in the church is the most powerful way to prepare citizens for the kingdom of God. That’s where the power of the Holy Spirit works in their hearts through the preaching and catechism and does what the home and school can never do—makes them citizens. Then they become “willing and ready, henceforth, to live unto him” (H.C. Lord’s Day 1), at home and in school, serving God in his kingdom.

I look forward to reading more about the seminar “The Kingdom of God and the Protestant Reformed Churches.”

In Christ,

Jeanne Venhuizen

Dear Jeanne,

I appreciate your comments and agree with you. I should have written “a powerful way.” I think I was getting caught up with the concept of public school being a great (perhaps the greatest) influence in preparing citizens for the kingdom of this earth, and too quickly made the contrast with Christian schools and preparation for life in the kingdom of God. God is pleased to use each sphere (church, home, and school) in a unique way for the preparation of citizens in the kingdom.

In Christ,