Letter From the Fed Board

Dear Young People’s Societies (and supporters):

I just wanted to give you a quick update on some of the things that your Federation Board is up to right now.

One of the most important (and most enjoyable) aspects of the Fed Board’s work is the oversight of our magazine, Beacon Lights. I am happy to report that the Beacon Lights Staff is to a point where they need monthly meetings. Our editor-in-chief and the newly organized Staff are making good progress and the work they are doing is very encouraging. One thing worth mentioning is that the Staff just launched a Facebook page. Assuming that most of you young people have Facebook (a safe assumption, I believe), I would encourage you to check out their page so that you can receive updates on the Beacon Lights as well as post any questions or suggestions that you might have for the Staff.

There has been one Staff change in the last few months. After many years of faithful service, Mrs. Jeanine Huizenga has decided to step down as the business and subscription manager of the Beacon Lights. If my information is correct, these two positions were essentially thrust upon her many years ago, and since then she has capably carried out this work. We express our hearty thanks to Jeanine for her devotion to the Beacon Lights and for her years of faithful labor. Thanks also to Ms. Laura Kaptein for agreeing to take up this position. Any questions about finances or subscriptions should now be directed to her. Recently the Fed Board began the annual process of nominating new members to serve on the Fed Board. Letters should be winging their way out to prospective nominees right now, and, if they agree to be put up for nomination, you will vote for the next members at the convention this summer.

The convention this year will be hosted by our Randolph PRC. It will be held from August 8-12 at Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI, which is only a half-hour drive north of Randolph. The speakers this year are Revs. Brummel, Holstege, and Key, and they will be speaking on the theme “Lessons from the Life of Joseph.” If you want more information on Green Lake Conference Center, check out their website

One quick note about upcoming conventions: Hope (Walker) PRC is making plans to host the 2012 convention, and we have just received word that South Holland PRC has agreed to host the convention in 2013.

By the time you read this you will be close to the end of your society season. I hope that your discussion this year was profitable and pray for God’s blessings on the remainder of the season. We’ll see you this summer at convention!

In Christ,
Joshua Engelsma, Federation Board President