Letter Concerning the Federation of Young People’s Societies

Again we begin this new season with anticipation as the past season has concluded with the 1988 Convention.  We look forward to meeting together in our societies, attending mass meetings and singspirations, as well as meeting each other in events sponsored by the Federation Board.

This past society year was a busy and enjoyable one.  Those societies in the Grand Rapids area were especially busy due to three mass meetings during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and each society had three combined meetings with other societies.  In addition, we had our society parties, and fundraising and patron collecting.  It was another year of the blessed study of God’s Word.

For those near Grand Rapids there were also many activities put on by the Federation Board.  On the whole, there was good attendance at the events.  In October of last year we had a hayride at the Daling farm and we had about 50 young people in attendance.  In November we held a weekend Retreat with the theme “Reforming or Conforming” at the Circle-A Ranch in Rockford.  About 60-70 young people participated and we all experienced a fun and worthwhile weekend.  During the winter and early spring months, the Fed Board sponsored occasional volleyball parties at Covenant.  We enjoyed much friendship and fellowship in these activities.

In July of this year we held our annual “Road Rally.”  Although only about 25 people showed up, we all had a good time and we swam and played volleyball afterward.  Later in the summer, the Fed Board also sponsored a Volleyball/Beach Party and again we had a good turnout and a very enjoyable evening.

Finally, we had a week of fellowship at the Young People’s Convention.  The 48th annual Convention was sponsored by the Southwest Young People’s Societies and was held at Hope College August 8-11.  The theme of the convention was “Jehovah’s Covenant With Us.”  Prof. H. Hanko, Rev. M. De Vries, and Rev. S. Key presented excellent speeches on “The Covenant: A Blessed Truth,” “The Covenant and Marriage,” and “The Covenant and the Antithetical Life,” respectively.  Discussion groups discussed “Prayer in the Light of the Covenant,” “Baptism and the Covenant,” and “The Covenant and our Friendships.”  Many of the discussion groups were led by the young people and the discussions were very enjoyable because many were prepared.  The convention was well-organized and the chaperones and members of Southwest Church were very supportive of the convention.

In the coming season we have much to look forward to, including Society meetings, mass meetings, singspirations, and many other activities such as a hayride, the Fall Retreat, and other activities which will be announced later.  Especially we look forward to the 1989 Convention.

The 1989 Convention will be organized by the Societies of Hope Protestant Reformed Church.  If we are to have another successful Convention, we need to have support from everyone including parents and family and church members.  The costs of these conventions have been rising substantially, although dues are still $12 and registration fees were only $75 per person this past year.  This means that we must collect additional funds to cover costs from fundraisers and patron collection.  So the more we collect in fundraisers and patron collection, the less expensive it is for the young people.  Thus it is very important to have two fundraisers per church and patron collection.

The convention steering committee is doing its best to make the coming convention as economical and enjoyable as possible, but they need your help.  If you would like to help out with ideas for the next convention, please contact Steve Lotterman (453-6552), or if you have not been contacted for patron collection and would like to be a patron, please send your contribution to Randy Corson, Treasurer of the Federation Board (2231 Chelsea NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505).

Also, if you have ideas or recommendations for the Federation Board, please send them to Randy or call a Federation Board member.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

We hope to see ALL you young people at Federation Board activities this season and we hope you parents will encourage them to attend and remind them if they forgot.