Beacon Lights

Dear Mr. Editor:

I appreciated the article of the Rev. R. Veldman in the last issue of the Beacon Lights on An Appeal to Movie-Goers.  Appreciated it, not because of the evident worldliness creeping in among us (it makes us weep to see such corruption growing on the Protestant Reformed Tree), but because it confronts us with cold facts.  And that is well, lest we ever become complacent.

Both in this article as well as in his splendid pamphlet on “The Movie”, the Rev. Veldman emphasizes how great and grievous a sin movie attendance is.  About this there can be no debate, therefore.

He ends his article with a stirring, earnest, heartfelt plea.

That is as it should be.

I have no doubt that these facts of increasing worldliness constitute a definite call to the Church of God in this world that it use and continue to use the Key of Discipline.

When young people so plainly reveal that they love vice, immorality and corruption as to become “bold and regular about their movie attendance” and, besides, are SO anxious to introduce and maintain this corruption that they “tell their pastor and elders in the presence of their parents that they see no wrong or harm whatever in this practice”, then, it seems to me, the Church must use that other Key.

God will save us from being swallowed up, but only if, with the preaching of the Gospel, as one form of discipline, each particular church makes use also of that other Key, namely, personal admonition and finally, if need be, erasure and excommunication.

Let those who delight in vice, immorality and corruption become fully aware of their sin; that they may repent and let not the Body of Christ become corrupted through their corruptions.

Rev. Veldman has sounded an alarm.  The enemy is pressing at and breaking through the gates.  Let them who are especially authorized of God, take up the Sword of the Word and the Key of the Kingdom and let them FIGHT.