Keeping Our Bodies Pure

I was asked to review the young people’s mass meeting speech given by Rev. Spriensma on February 14, 1993. The topic of Rev. Spriensma’s speech was “Keeping Our Bodies Pure.”

The text used was I Cor. 6:18 “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” Because our bodies are not our own but belong to God who is holy, we must keep our bodies pure. Christ bought us with His blood and we are one with Christ. When we become one with someone other than our husband or our wife we corrupt our unity with Christ. We must keep from fornication!

We all know that we must keep our bodies pure but how are we to go about keeping our bodies pure? We are told that we must flee fornication because if we stay to fight the sin of fornication we will lose! We will lose in the fight against the sin of fornication because we cannot withstand the power of our flesh. If we do things that arouse the hormones in our bodies we will fall into the sin of fornication. So the way to flee forni­cation is to not arouse the hormones in our bodies. Very simple, isn’t it?

So what can we do when we want to date someone we like? Well, we can do anything with a young man or a young woman that does not get us sexually aroused. If we “play” with the person we are with on a date by touching and petting one another’s bodies we are falling into the sin of fornication. The enjoyable feelings that come from this petting are the joys that are reserved for marriage. When you have these feel­ings that are the joy reserved for marriage with some­one that is not your husband or wife that is fornica­tion. Also, when we are with our friend we must remember that passionate embraces are the start of our fall into sin.

If we spend our time reading books or magazines that are sexually explicit we must know that we are on the wrong road. The same thing applies to movies and television shows that talk about and laugh about sex. These movies and television shows are designed to make us view fornication as something that is not a serious violation of God’s law. A Christian is to have no part with the world when they are talking and laughing about sex. If we do not take sexual relation­ships seriously and in the light of God’s work, we will fall into the sin of fornication.

We need to find ways to protect ourselves from the sin of fornication. The first and most important thing we need is the desire to keep our bodies pure. If we don’t care or if we want to fall into the sin of fornica­tion then we most likely will commit the sin of fornica­tion. First of all, we must have the desire to serve God in our dating and in our relationship with young men and young women. When we seek to serve God, we will pray to God and read His word. By reading the word of God and by praying to God we are strengthened so we can withstand the temptation of the flesh.

Dating in groups is another way to keep from falling into the sin of fornication. If we date in a group we reduce the temptation a young man and young woman face. Another way is to control the input we receive while we are on a date by staying away from movies that make fornication look attractive. We must also prepare ourselves for our date. We must make plans as to what we will wear, where we will go, and what we will do on our date.

I also read a book recently, Dating With Integrity, by John Holzmann, which talks about the subject of dating in light of the Bible. In this book, John Holz­mann says that we can do the same things with a date as what a married man may do with someone who is not his wife because the girl or boy in our date is not our wife or husband. John Holzmann explains dating from the approach that young men and young women in the church must treat each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord. This relationship of brother and sister in the Lord is applied to all the aspects of dat­ing.

The book Dating With Integrity would be consid­ered a little far out to the people of the Protestant Reformed Church, but the book is worthwhile to read. I think Dating With Integrity is worth reading because some of our traditional ideas about dating are chal­lenged.