Just Thoughtlessness

A little bit of hatred

can spoil a score of years,

And blur the eyes that ought to smile

with many needless tears.

O little bit of thoughtlessness,

and anger for a day,

Can rob a home of all its joy,

and drive happiness away.

A little bit of shouting

in a sharp and vicious tone

Can leave a sting that will be felt

when many years have flown.

Just one hasty minute of uncontrolled

ill temper can offend,

And leave an inner injury

that years may never mend.

It takes no moral fibre

to say harsh and bitter things,

It doesn’t call for courage

to employ a lash that stings.

For cruel words and bitter

any fool can think to say,

But the hurt they leave behind them

many years can’t wipe away.

Just a little bit of hatred

robs a home of all delight,

And leaves a winding trail of wrong

that time may never right.

For only those are happy

and keep their peace of mind

Who guard themselves from hatreds

and words that are unkind.