Joy (3)

Jason thought it hadn’t been a very good day. First of all, he and his sister, Julie, had been mocked by other children at the park that morning. Next, they returned home to find there was nothing to eat for lunch except tuna sandwiches— Yuk. Then when he had planned on going to the library in the afternoon—yep, Mom and Julie wanted to go shopping, and that’s what they did. What a rotten day!

“Here Cupcake, here kitty, kitty,” said Julie affectionately as she picked her kitten up and stroked its neck.

Jason sighed in disgust. “You wouldn’t talk so sweet if you felt like me. What a rotten day.”

“Well I didn’t have fun at the park, either,” Julie replied.

“No, but we went shopping this afternoon, like you wanted.”

“But we had to go shopping.”

“Yea, right,” Jason said sarcastically.

Then with that, they both went onto the porch and perched themselves on the railing to watch the traffic. It was nearly suppertime, so there were more cars to watch now.

Suddenly Julie looked around and said, “Hey, where did Cupcake go? She was just here on the porch—”

Jason and Julie looked up just in time to see a passing car hit Cupcake. The responsible driver continued down the street, never realizing what had happened.

“Oh, Julie, I-I’m sorry,” Jason said meekly. His rotten day suddenly didn’t seem so rotten after all.


That night as they were getting ready for bed, Jason came to Julie’s bedroom. “Julie?”

“Yes?” Julie was sitting by her desk and looked up.

“Um, I just want you to know that I really am sorry, about Cupcake I mean,” Jason stammered.

Julie smiled. “Thank you. Mom said I can get another kitten, but I’ll miss Cupcake a lot.” She paused and then added, “Mom said that bad things can happen, but no matter what, God always loves us. I guess when you think about that, it’s hard to stay sad for long.”

Then Jason smiled, too.


Connie is the mother of 5 children and attends Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan.