Jesus in Gethsemane

The name Gethsemane in the Aramaic means “Olive Press”. There was one located there. This reminds us what the form for the Lord’s Supper says: “. . . when the weight of our sins and the wrath of God pressed out of Him the bloody sweat in the garden.” After instituting the sacrament of communion and before Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus in the garden, our Savior spent that intervening time in Gethsemane.

Here in deepest agony. in exceeding sorrow, in inexpressible grief, in heart heaviness in contemplation of soon coming events. in painful anguish of being forsaken of God on the cross, in intense mental and soul suffering, he fell upon His face and began to pray to His Father. The expressions He used in His prayers such as Father, Father; and Oh, My Father, indicate His desperate deep need of deliverance from His awful, terrible suffering in being overburdened with such great sorrow and grief which had brought Him to the point of death.

What was the content of His prayer? That if it be the Father’s will that His cup and hour of suffering in Gethsemane might be removed, might be taken from Him, that it might pass from Him. Even so, He prayed not My will but Thine be done.

Some interpreters of this prayer of Jesus explain that He sought the Father for another way than that of the cross to save His people. These also must say then that the Father said No to Jesus. But Jesus already before said: Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard Me, I knew that Thou hearest Me always, John 11:41,42, always, so also in Gethsemane.

Did the Father answer the prayer of the Lord Jesus for deliverance in Gethsemane? Yes, He surely did. An angel from heaven from the presence of the Father came to Him and strengthened Him. He was so revived in physical and spiritual strength that He returned to His disciples with renewed courage and said triumphantly, “Rise, Let us Go: behold he is at hand that doth betray Me.”

May the truth-revealing Holy Spirit allow us to see more fully what suffering, horror and fear our precious Lord Jesus did bear for us in Gethsemane and upon the cross where He went to hell – God-forsaken hell – for our sins and to save us to be with Him forever in Glory in the new heaven and new earth where there will be no more sin and where in righteousness we will praise and glorify our great Savior God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Thanks be to God for such great salvation!