“About Mount Zion go,

Her tow’rs and ramparts tell;

That ye her strength may know,

Mark her defenses well.

Her royal palaces behold,

That ye her glories may unfold.”

-PSALTER 133:1


Jerusalem was, is, and most likely shall for years to come be an important city. In Bible times Jerusalem was God’s “Holy City”. It was in Jerusalem that God’s holy temple stood in all its splendor, sym­bolizing God’s presence with His people.

The city was first called “Salem” and was ruled by the priest-king Melchizedek at the time of Abraham. Melchizedek was an early type of Christ to whom men gave tithes, so already then the city had spiritual sig­nificance.

Later David, through his captain, Joash, captured the city. Beginning with David, the royal line contin­ued in Jerusalem, sitting on the king’s throne, until finally Christ came to fulfill the kingly line. Christ rode into Jerusalem as the final King. David’s royal line continued in Jerusalem until 587 B.C. when the king of Babylon took over Jerusalem, destroying the Tem­ple and leaving this beautiful city nothing but debris. In 538 B.C., forty-nine years later, King Cyrus of Per­sia allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem. They once again took up the task of building the walls and repairing the city. Years later they had the city back on its feet.

By 400 B.C., it was no longer kings who ruled Jerusalem but the temple priests. It was near this time that the Greeks tried to rule Jerusalem. The Jews fought Greece and won complete independence. Although they had fought off Greece, in 63 B.C. Romans took over. They had power over Jerusalem all the way up to, through, and even after Jesus’ time.

Later the Muslims and the British took over. It was not until early 1967 that Jerusalem was made fully independent.

Today Jerusalem is a large, important capital with many industries. There is a wide variety of clothing there and many more modern things. The wailing wall and other ancient places in modern Jerusalem cannot ever compare with the beauty of Jerusalem in Solomon’s day, when Jerusalem with Mt. Zion as its center represented the Church. Even the Jerusalem of Solomon’s day cannot begin to be compared to the beauty of the heavenly Jerusalem which is coming. The earthly Jerusalem was only a type of that glorious Jerusalem in heaven, where God dwells perfectly with His people.


“Zion on the holy hills,

God Thy Maker loves Thee well;

All thy courts His Presence fills,

He delights in thee to dwell.

Wondrous shall thy glory be,

City blest of God the Lord

Nations shall be born in thee,

Unto life from death restored.”