Jehovah’s Rainbow Spans the Sky

ED. NOTE: For many years no event in our church at Redlands, California has been without the inspiring poetry of Miss Sue Porte. Here we wish to share her thoughts with you.

In the springtime of the year
Gentle breezes stir the air
Flowers bloom in grand array
Songbirds trill their love songs gay,
Tiny leaflets on the trees
Wafting gently in the breeze,
All nature bursting forth to raise
To God on high a song of praise.

For stalwart youth and maiden fair,
Life’s springtime blooms without a care.
Their hearts are gay; their hopes are high,
They tread life’s path without a sigh.
They pledge their troth and take their vows
On bended knee in God’s own house,
For God in grace, their God Most High
Did spread His rainbow in the sky.

In summertime birds cease their song
To chirp and flutter all day long,
Twittering, hopping everywhere
For nestlings need their constant care.
There are so many mouths to feed,
But heavenly Father knows their need.
He hears their crying, heeds their call,
Is mindful of each sparrow’s fall.

Life’s summertime brings many a care
To loving faithful wedded pair.
With children, God their home doth bless,
Bringing delight and happiness,
Though often care and some distress.
They must be nurtured, fed and dressed,
And also taught of God’s great love,
Whose rainbow spans the heavens above.

In autumn days the birds do fly,
Winging southward, soaring high.
God steers their course on journey bold,
Bidding them flee from winter’s cold,
Softly rustling in the breeze,
The frost has tinted leafy trees
In brilliant hues and colors fair,
So like the rainbow in the air.

With life’s autumn changes come,
Children, wedded, leave the home.
Now alone they must prepare
For old age, which comes so sure.
Steadily they onward plod
Trusting ever in their God,
For God’s promises endure
His rainbow shines forever more.

Now winter’s cold is in the air,
The lofty trees stand stark and bare.
The song of birds is heard no more,
They’re sheltered safe on other shore.
Storming wildly, winds do blow,
Bringing cold and ice and snow.
And when the earth lies clad in white,
And sunbeams break the prism of light
Like sparkling diamonds of great price
In rainbow hues shine snow and ice.

Life’s wintertime is harsh and bare,
Life’s pleasures fade for married pair.
In feebleness they tread their way,
Trusting in God, their help and stay.
On Calvary’s cross they fondly gaze,
Where love breaks through in warmest rays,
There mercy and God’s justice meet,
To make Salvation’s work complete.
His glorious promises of yore
In myriad hues glow ever more.

And when in death their eyes they close,
To rest in peace and sweet repose,
They’ll open them on yonder shore,
To gaze in wonder and adore,
Beholding Him in pure delight,
Who sits enthroned with power and might
In glorious splendor of dazzling light,
Fused with myriad colors bright.
For a rainbow circles ‘round the throne;
Of Jesus the Savior, God’s Own Son.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 10 February 1970