The Alpha, Omega
The Beginning and End.
My Lord, my Friend.

The Giver of Salvation,
The Author of Life
The One who leads me
Through sorrows and strife.

My Strength, my Rock,
My fortress sure
His mercy and love
Forever endure.

My God, my Prophet,
Priest, and King
His praises forever
I will sing.

My Guidance, my Counselor,
My life, my song.
My heart and soul
To Him belong.

He knows my thoughts,
And words and deeds
From sin and death,
He has set me free.

For He has sent
His Beloved Son
To save His many
Chosen ones.

Each day I will praise Him
For this wondrous gift.
To Him my prayers
I will lift.

He is my Light,
My Cornerstone.
I belong to Him
And to Him alone.