Japanese Fight Against Christianity

If one would ask a Japanese official in the army whether his race on the average felt any gratitude toward the Christian Missionaries he perhaps would answer by saying that these mission schools give Japanese officials a reliable opportunity to learn mathematics, sciences and foreign history — subjects considered vital in building a future world-conquering army and navy. Many Japanese are ordered to register as Christians so that the financial supporters in America will receive an impressive record of “conversions” and on this basis would keep the colleges open.

Today Japan is as much at war with Christianity as with the U. S. The inhabitants of this nation assert themselves to be the superior race and proclaim their emperor. Hirohito, to be divine, while Christianity denies this claim. You may ask then, “From what authority do they base their claim? They believe that Christ was an Oriental, born in Japan. He was a great prophet and gained knowledge from the Japan god-emperors. Then he went West to the barbarians and spread His beliefs. They crucified Him because they rejected and misunderstood His teachings. After He arose He reappeared in Japan, died and was buried.

A shrine has been erected at the “burial place” of the prophet Christ. People going home after a visit to this place, form the idea that Christ is dead but the god-emperor is very much alive and is the rightful inheritor of the world.

We may be sure that these things are bringing us nearer to the days of the Antichrist. These are the beginnings of sorrows. Let us look into the future with hope because we look for the eternal Kingdom of Christ. What comfort have these Japanese? Can one depend on an earthly man as a hero to save his people? Let us live in the consciousness that the Antichrist comes as God declares. In this world no one ever wins a war except the Christian. We gain an everlasting peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.