It Can Be Done

That is what the Young Men’s Society of the First Protestant Re­formed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan, said about a year ago, when the proposition was broached that our Churches should go “on the air”. The result is that a 26- week contract has been signed with the broadcasting station WLAV, which has its outlet in Grand Rapids, and during the last few weeks the voice of Rev. H. Hoeksema has come to many of us over the air, as well as the voices of the Radio Choir and the announcer, Walter Holman, who helped to round out the program.

It is quite an experience, no doubt, for those who participate in these programs, to place them­selves before the microphone for the first time with the thought in mind that their voices were being carried to hundreds and possibly thousands of listeners. It was no less a thrilling experience for the radio committee of the Young Men’s Society to see this positive fruit on all their labors. And it stirred the hearts of our people to hear these familiar voices over the air. But it also fills us with joy and gratitude that another channel has been opened whereby we can reach others with the truth of God’s Sovereign Grace which God Himself has made precious to our hearts. This is but another mis­sionary endeavor on the part of our Protestant Reformed Churches. The more reason why we rejoice in the fact that it can be done.

It may be interesting to note that the Young Men’s Society took over this project after the Classis of our Churches dropped it. One of the reasons why the Classis did not deem the time ripe for such an undertaking, was the expenses in­volved. Surely, other objections were also raised, but the matter of financing an undertaking of this nature helped to make it seem quite impossible. Then youthful enthusiasm stepped in, boldly faced the problem, made another thor­ough investigation, found a station that would consider a contract for programs of this nature, made a campaign in their own congrega­tion for funds, and soon found that financially they had gone “over the top” and a signed contract was in their possession. Rev. Hoeksema consented to be their main speaker throughout this period, musical talent was found in the three Grand Rapids Churches, and all is off on a flying start. Which simply proves that “it can be done”.

But this is no time to rest on any laurels. Many have already voiced the complaint that, after all, this is but a local station and does not reach nearly all of our people, nor, for that matter, many others who are of Reformed persuasion. We would all appreciate it if these broadcasts could be made over a far more powerful station to reach a far greater audience. Some have already suggested the possibility of some Chicago station, others have spoken of a station in Des Moines, which can be heard as far West as Manhattan, Montana. There is also another suggestion that is worthy of some considera­tion. That is the suggestion that transcriptions be made of these programs from week to week, so that with very little added expense and effort these same programs can be reproduced from other out­lets at any time in the future.

Here is a new field of activity for any active young people’s so­ciety or group of societies, which count among their members am­bitious young men and women who are ready to undertake a thing and see it through. A small amount of initiative and a sufficient supply of determination will see a world of possibilities opened up by this new venture. The first thing that must be done at once, is to make record­ings of all these programs, which does not run into any great expense and would be a great help toward repeating these programs from other stations. The next move is for each society to contact stations in their community to find out just which stations are the most pre­ferable for these broadcasts. There is no reason why these programs cannot be made nationwide within a few years.

And need it be added that this is but one field in which energetic youth can labor? Other projects may be staring you in the face at every turn, if you will but stop to take note. Other work with the purpose of Church extension may be undertaken by any society. Be­sides. your own congregation may need your services. You may be in need of new Psalters in the pews, new pulpit furniture, in­terior or exterior decorating, a new organ. But why add more? Did you ever stop to figure how much could be collected in a week if every adult member of the congre­gation would give one dime for a worthwhile undertaking? In a year? In two or more years?

“It can be done!”, if youth gets behind it with a will.