Issue at Hand, February 2024: Federation scholarship essays

Each year the Beacon Lights staff is pleased to receive and publish winning essays from the annual Protestant Reformed Federation of Young People’s Societies scholarship writing contest. As is customary, this contest features a list of three questions, one of which each writer will address as a part of their essay. Although five authors were chosen as winners this year, we only have room in this issue to publish three of their essays. We congratulate Jayanne DenHartog, Annika Van Overloop, and the other three authors on their excellent writing and thank them for their efforts in preparation for careers in Christian education.

It also bears notice that for the second year in a row, all the winning scholarship essays have been written by young women. Though perhaps this could happen even if the pool of essays were evenly distributed between men and women, the reality is that there are more female than male applicants for the Federation scholarship. This in turn implies that there are more young women who plan to teach than there are young men who plan to serve as teachers or pastors. If (and I emphasize the word “if”) this is an indication that young men are becoming less willing to use their gifts in service of the kingdom, I would encourage them to reconsider these important callings. Yes, higher education is a means to obtain gainful employment, but success therein is measured in things other than the income a job can generate. This is a gentle reminder for those thinking about what God has in store for the next phase of their lives.


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