Issue at Hand

Your education is valuable. 

That statement is easy to say, but it’s something that’s even easier to lose sight of in the middle of a long school year. 

If you are (or were) like me, your attitude toward your education and the school year looks something like the following timeline.  

August: I’ve got some new school supplies and some new clothes. I’m excited to get back into the daily routine of school. 

September: School is in session and going well. I am engaged and generally enjoying my time here. 

October/November: Still here, but I’m starting to get bored. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break though! 

December: Whew! I made it to Christmas break. 

January/February: Christmas break was refreshing. A few more months to go. I can do this. 

March: Pure drudgery. The weather is starting to change, I don’t want to be in this classroom. 

April: Spring break! 

May: My effort is at its yearly low. I just need to finish my assignments and projects and I’ll be free for the summer. 

As you can see and maybe even identify with, I was always looking ahead to the next break. Most of what I valued was the time I was not in school. I should have valued what was graciously given to me: my education. What I saw as something I didn’t want to do, something boring, something to survive, was actually the Lord’s work. What I saw as too many school years filled with too many assignments that were “too long” or “too hard” in subjects I was “never going to use” were actually the years of my God-given vocation as a student within which I was called to serve God.  

If you are a young person like I was who can’t wait to get out of school and get a job, you need to slow down. Value your education. See your schoolwork as your current job, your work within the kingdom of God. Were you assigned another science project and you just “don’t see the point”? Were you given another math worksheet that you “don’t want to do”? Do you have to read “another long chapter” in your history textbook? Instead of thinking about these things negatively, I challenge you to see them positively, as tasks that God has placed before you for his purpose of shaping you as an individual within the body of his church. 

Value your education.