Introduction to Distinctives

There are differences between the Church of God and the world, which can be seen as believers walk the antithetical life here on the earth. More specifically, we as Protestant Reformed youth see many differences between us and the church world as a whole. There are distinctions taking the form of doctrines and also distinctions which become manifest in our walk of life, and it is some of these that we wish to address in this series on “Distinctives.”

It is our desire that this series might serve to refresh our memories, that the articles might serve to strengthen our faith, and serve to maintain the Truth about God which has been entrusted to us. This desire of us young people, is only an echo of what the first editor of the Beacon Lights, Rev. C. Hanko, showed to be one of the purposes of the Beacon Lights, which we quote,

“…as an airplane pilot wings his way unhesitantly on his course by the sweeping rays of his beacon lights, so this paper designs to guide you on your way through this world of sin and darkness, that you may ever hold your course and unswervingly strive for your goal.”

Then, pointing out a distinction, Sovereign Grace, he continues,

“Protestant Reformed young men and women have an especially high calling. To them is entrusted the maintenance of their Reformed heritage, the truth of God’s Sovereign Grace, so commonly denied and consistently undermined in our time. That Truth cannot and may not perish from the earth, but must be carried on to the generations to come, even until the end.”

We are thankful for our heritage, and pray that we too might be faithful.