International Situation

International Situation:

During the past months the Unit­ed Nations Assembly has been be­fore our attention as it has to struggle with the problem of inter­national relations—especially the problem of Prussia. This has been true ever since the formation of the United Nations and ever since the end of the war.

Rapidly we are moving into a different world. The problems that will become ours because of the international situation will demand a different life altogether than we have even now. World events of today determine our life in the near future. It is because each na­tion and locality is inter-dependent; but it is also because of the council of God which has been revealed to this extent that all things must de­velop into one mighty force to op­pose the Church.

Several statements from today’s newspaper bring to our attention the problems of the world and also some indication of the kind of change in the world that is in the offing.


Concerning the Struggle in Asia:

If the European situation can be settled to the extent that the Allied powers have control and Russia withdraws to an extent, our posi­tion is strengthened, but the con­flict will only have been shoved in­to another phase and place. This is evident if we look at the follow­ing:

‘‘Niebuhr says the evident radi­calism of Christians in Asia and Africa indicates ‘that the greatest triumphs of communism will be achieved in a non-European world’.

. . .Tie this statement to the news last week-end from Nanking and Bombay and you have something pretty bitter to chew on. The Nan­king news is that the Chiang Kaishek government has abandoned Changchun, the Manchurian capi­tal, after months of Communist siege. The Bombay news is that Communists have gained control of the All-India Trade Union Con­gress, the pioneer (and powerful) Indian labor organization. . . . In other words, while the eyes of the Western world are focused on the conflict in Europe, the great de­sign of Asiatic communism is ap­proaching realization.”

It does not mean necessarily, as this editor goes on to reason, that communism will ultimately domin­ate Asia. We might add that it therefore does not mean that com­munism will be the type of rule of the world power that is inevitably to be formed out of this sea of troubles. Nevertheless, it does in­dicate that there is much trouble ahead before there is a final world unity.—Unless, the entire world is thrown into great fear of self-de­struction and at the same time into the delusion of attaining great wealth through unity.


Opinions About the Future:

A very popular opinion advanced today is that we need not fear any power with our stock of atomic bombs. The European nations seem to rely upon that too. If war should break out it could be brought to a victorious conclusion in from one to three months is the claim of some Air Force colonels.

However, here is a significant statement, that may even gain in influence and affect our economy. “Gen. H. S. Vandenberg, for the Air Forces, and Gen. Omar N. Bradley for the Army are in agree­ment that an atomic attack might paralyze the enemy and bring a war to a relatively swift conclu­sion. But they also agree that in the event of failure it is essential to plan for a war that might last 10 years or even, as Bradley said, 30 years.”

“They also know, as does anyone with the slightest imagination or understanding, that a total war in the atomic age must be total—last­ing many years, which would utter­ly transform the American econ­omy and in all probability the American political system. We would almost be forced to accept a totalitarian pattern.”

Civilian defense planners in the Pentagon are completing a plan which would mean the regimenta­tion of almost every phase of eco­nomic life with the outbreak of war, and that would be the begin­ning.”


Very Significant:

For the believer this is almost assumed. The only question for us is, how soon will the signs of the end definitely appear. If they do not immediately appear we should especially be warned that a time of peace and prosperity also belongs to the coming of the end. Our hope for the future is not on the earthly level. According to faith alone we can contemplate the news with confidence and with all joy.