In Our Father’s Hand

Dear children of God, do your fears arise

When you look at your sins day by day,

When you know you have wandered much too far,

And as lost sheep have gone quite astray?


Remember: our Shepherd is watching o ‘er us—

Our Shepherd Who knows us by name.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them all.

Follow Me,” we can hear Him exclaim!


Our Shepherd takes care of us all of our lives;

He assures us we’ll never be lost.

We know why He never will let us go.

On the cross He has paid the great cost.


Our Father Who gave all His children to Him

Has put us in Jesus’ own hand,

Where we will be safe, protected in love;

And none can us snatch from His hand.


He has promised the joys of a wonderful life

For His children, the great and the small,

Where we never can perish–in heaven above.

For our Father is greater than all.


He tells us that no fearful enemies

Can keep us away from His love.

For we have the vict’ry! Praise to His Name!

Our glory awaits us above!