In Memory of James Jonker

Born on August 8, 1939 – Taken from us on December 26, 1961

All of us associated with Beacon Lights mourn the sudden death of our friend and colleague, Jim Jonker. By a violent auto-accident which leaves Roger Harbin seriously injured, we have been bereaved of a close friend, a fellow student, and an intimate co-worker in the cause of Protestant Reformed youth. Because we know that he is everlastingly our fellow-member in the living Body of Christ, because we believe that the Head of that Body wills and accomplishes the greatest good for His members in every happening, because the Spirit of God penetrates our despair with the mighty cry of triumph, “O death where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”, we can go on. Not the same as before, but humbled, brought closer to God, saying more often, with more spiritual awareness, “If the Lord wills and His will be done.”

May the merciful Jehovah comfort and build up the grieving relatives and all of us who need His abundant mercy in this hour.