I Won’t Be Crippled When I See Jesus

“I won’t be crippled when I see Jesus.” These were the words of Everett Payton’s son and these words are also the title of the book that he wrote about his son’s short life.  His son made this remark after hearing his mother sing and play a song which spoke of the perfection God’s people will enjoy in heaven.  I also look forward to enjoying this perfection, free from any disability, when I reach my heavenly home.

Everett Lee’s name means “strong and brave.”  Being named after his father and mother, his name fit him quite well.  Whenever people would ask him if he was tough, Everett would always reply, “I’m tough!” no matter how he felt.

Everett Lee was born with hydrocephalus.  The doctor informed Everett’s father that hydrocephalus “is a condition of excess spinal fluid which causes the head to be enlarged.”  Doctors had to install a shunt with tubes that were placed in his brain and in his neck which allowed the fluid to drain out of his brain.  Before birth the fluid build-up caused Everett to lose his sight and motor control in his right side.

Concerning the life of his young son, the author writes, “It reveals the power of God to bring victory from despair.”  God did bring moments of happiness to Everett and his family during his lifetime.

One example of these moments was a result of being able to set the table.  On one of these occasions, Everett placed a small fork by his father’s plate.  When his father asked who gave him the fork, Everett tried not to giggle, but he did anyway.

In writing this story of his son’s life, the author not only wanted to tell of the joys and some of the pain of having a special son, but he also wanted to share them with those who read his account of the nine years of his son’s life.  The author deserves much credit for writing this story about someone who was very dear to him.