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I Envy You

I sat beside the death bed

Of an aged, gray-haired man;

He’d seen full eighty summers

Ten more than average span.

I looked deep into his tired eyes,

Saw peace and comfort there;

For you see, he was a’leaving

For a land that’s sweet and fair.

His struggle soon’d be over,

His cares on earth be past;

For soon he’s meet his Saviour,

And there he would be blest.

He soon would know the fullness

Of His gracious love divine;

That’s why there’s peace and comfort

In the eyes raised up towards mine.

The world mayhap has treated you

With scorn, contempt and sneer?

They treated Jesus worse than that,

And crucified Him here.

It’ll soon be over though, my man,

And you’ll join the heavenly throng;

I only wish I, too, tonight,

With you could go along.

I envy you, you dying man,

And wish that it were I

That was tonight departing

To blissful realms on high.

For soon you shall be like Him,

Feel a joy that’s sweetly new;

Now do you wonder, my dear man,

Just why I envy you?