I Am

Beth is a member of Peace Protestant Reformed Church in Lansing, Illinois.

I am the One
Who began before time
to fashion all life
in My sovereign rhyme.

I am the Creator –
Sun, stars, and moon,
Earth, humans, and beasts
all sing to My tune.

I am the Footsteps
echoing Adam’s in the night air,
and even in his fall,
I was still there.

I am the Promise
filling the morning sky,
after Noah opened the ark
and looked up on high.

I am the Fire
shining bright through the night,
leading Israel’s blind children
with My radiant light.

I am the Star
the wise men from afar followed,
leading to a quaint stable
by my Son, hallowed.

I am the Message
filling the whole earth
of forgiveness of sins
from a lowly child’s birth.

I am the Spirit
working in your heart today
hearing your thoughts
as you kneel down to pray.

And yet, you dare question
My plans for your life?
You dare to wonder
at your pains and your strife?

Child of God,
sinful, fumbling lamb,
your life is in My care
for “I Am the I Am”.