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How to Help Your Pastor

1. Pray for him daily that he may be at his best for God and you.

2. Do not overload him with the small details of Church work.

3. Do not make an errand boy out of him. Give him time for prayer and study.

4. Do not tell him things that he does not need to know. Let him find out some things for himself.

5. Give him your interest and the proper encouragement. He will have enough of the other to keep him humble.

6. Confide in him. He can be trusted and he will understand.

7. Call on him in his home. He gets hungry for a social call as well as you do.

8. Be loyal to the Church he serves and to which you belong.

9. Join him in working out a program of advancement for the Church. He is a leader and while he may not always know what is best, if proper counsel is given to him the best plan will be found and then pastor and people can make the work of God a success.

10. Love him and show it. It will cause him to work harder and accomplish more because he knows his work is appreciated.