Summary of a speech given by Rev. Hubert DeWolf reported by Miss Ruth Dykstra.


It is my duty to call your attention to things of a serious and spiritual nature. I will call your attention to the Christians hope. Notice the meaning, the object and source, and the certainty.

Hope is exclusively the possession of the child of God, it is not for the world, her hopes are vain dreams, mere wishes and desires. The hopes of the world are like bubbles that disintegrate when touched. This is because the world places its hope on the things, of this world. They all must end in death.

Man lies under the curse of God because of his sin, and God constantly makes foolish the wisdom of the world. We can see that in all things around us. What is there in the world that gives satisfaction? Nothing! Today the world is at the very brink of despair, nothing is working out as it should and as man hoped it would. Man lives in the terrible fear of atomic destruction and man is throwing himself into sinful pleasures with the slogan “what’s the use?”

In this hopeless world of sin and death, the Christian has a lively hope. Scripture speaks of hope from two points of view: objective and subjective.

Objective hope is the thing hoped for. The object of our hope is for our soul what an anchor is for a ship. Subjective hope is the activity of hope. Practically these two are never separated, the one implies the other. If I have hope it means that there is something to hope for and that I hope for it.

Hope is a spiritual power whereby the Christian reaches out and longs for the fulfillment of the promise of God. Hope consists of three things: Certainty, the assurance that it is mine, Expectation, living with a view to the day when, we shall receive our hope, and Longing, an intense desire to possess the hope, so that we live for the very purpose of possessing it.

The object of our hope is Salvation in the full sense of the word. We should be conscious of the fact that by nature we are sinful; but in the midst of the world and sin we stand sure in the hope of Christ. He made it real when He paid the debt of sin and put them to naught. Our hope is the fruit of the life of Christ in us. He delivers us from the temporal world with all its miseries, from this body that is bound by the fetters of time, from the power of death and corruption, and from death itself. To be perfectly holy and righteous, to live with God in His fellowship, to serve Him perfectly without sin. This hope is possible for us because our hope is not of the world nor fixed upon anything in this present world. The Christian alone has a real and lasting hope, fixed not in the temporal, but the eternal. He has an anchor grounded in the rock that is firm and sure. The Christians hope is anchored in Christ. Because of that anchor of hope the Christian remains unmoved in the midst of the world.

Do you have that hope? Then you have one of the most precious gifts one can possess, what can be compared with if? Though you gain the whole world and you don’t have hope you have nothing. Though you are a pauper, despised, hated and persecuted in the world you are an heir of eternal glory. Then also it will and must become evident in your life.

Hope maketh not ashamed. The object of the Christian’s hope is real, we cannot see it, but God has promised and His  Word is true. He who hopes in Him does not hope in vain. Therefore we know, though all things that are seen testify against us, our hope shall be realized in the day of the revelation of Jesus Christ. Hope in Him therefore, walk in that hope, confess it, hold it fast, and know that you will never be put to shame. Do you know these things? Then happy are ye if ye do them.