Holy Temples

This era in history may well be called “The Sex Age” by future historians. It has been the age in which the “Pill” has had a tremendous rise in popularity and use. Abortion is openly advocated and has received the favor of the politicians in many foreign countries and now also in Hawaii. “Free Love” without restraint has many advocates and practitioners. Divorce and broken homes continue to rapidly increase in numbers. Illegitimate births are now running over 300,000 a year in the United States alone.
All around us sex is emphasized and exploited. In a great variety of ways the world advances its central theme regarding sex.
One has only to sit for a few minutes before the modern television set to be shocked awake out of a passive hypnotic state by some of the advertisements which flaunt sex and are openly suggestive.
A seductive blonde, poured into straitjacket clothes which are supposed to confine (but do not confine) the contours of her body, appears on the screen and enticingly voices these words: “Have you had nay lately?” Yes, the question is “Have you had any lately?” It is not an innocent question for innocent young people, children or anyone to hear. It is suggestive. It is directly related to sex. It is used, however, to sell a certain brand of wine.
Again upon the screen appears another girl. Dreamy eyed and also seductive, she sways with the music of the song “the Stripper” and says, “Take it off, take it all off!” Again the shocking statement is not at all an innocent one but extremely provocative. She is telling you to take off your whiskers with her particular brand of shaving cream
If you still stand, unconvinced, perhaps “Does she or doesn’t she?” or “…gives your mouth sex appeal!” will convince you as to the suggestive nature of modern television advertisements.
Television is an excellent means of communication but it is not the only one used by the world. Billboards, newspapers, magazines, and radio constantly scream “Sex” at us and at our children.
Take Time, Life, Look Newsweek, and many other family magazines and you will see an increase of nudity and pornography. What goes through the minds of our children and young people when they are confronted by such lewdness as is also found in these?
Today the world openly exploits before our eyes the holy temple that God made. Our young people, seeing this unrighteous emphasis of the world, are often times led astray.
Our concern today must be for our children and young people. As they grow up and become physically mature, they are pressured on every hand by the wicked world to “let themselves go.” They are experiencing new impulses and desires which must remain unfulfilled until marriage has been consummated. And it’s these impulses and desires that the world plays upon and encourages.
As parents, we must positively emphasize that our bodies are temples of the Most High God. Paul in I Corinthians 3:16-17 exhorts, “Know ye not that we are the temple of God and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy (yes – destroy – that’s Hell, J.K.) for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”
Strong words? Harsh punishment? Yes, but we are talking about GOD’S holy temples.
We must emphasize also the proper spiritual goal for which we as God’s people were created. We are used by the Living God to bring forth the covenant seed. Marriage in the church is a picture of symbol of the marriage of Christ and His Church.
We have a further obligation as parents to say “No” to the world for ourselves and for our children. God’s commandments are a series of “Thou shalt nots,” so also Christian parents under God must rule their children with “Thou shalt nots.” For the good of our young people, say “No” when it is necessary. You are responsible if your daughter paints up like Jezebel. You are responsible for the length of her skirt. You have no business making her responsible. Say “Thou shalt not” and stick to it. We must not passively allow the world the right to come into our living rooms if we can prevent it. Your children are having a hard enough time facing the problems of growing up and they need every bit of spiritual help and encouragement that you can give them.
You have the responsibility to implant within your children the right attitude towards sex. This is your God given duty. Young people, you must honor and obey your parents.
When I see our young ladies dressed in their provocative short dresses and their war paint, I wonder who it is that they are trying to attract. The Christian young man looking for a Christian wife, should be repulsed by such dress and seek elsewhere. It is rather the young man of the world who is attracted and who seeks to satisfy the lusts and desires of his flesh. Young men, who is it that you seek for a helpmeet? Are you searching for a daughter of the church, or are your eyes turned aside by the Jezebels of this world? Whom do you date: the painted up witches of the world who seek to overcome you by their “witchcraft” or the young maidens of your own church who refuse to be carried along by the world? Can it by your emphasis upon short skirts and make-up that encourages the girls of our church to do the things they do?
Young people, you live in an age of extreme wickedness. Remember that you bodies are holy temples of the Living God and keep them unspotted from the world!

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 2 April 1970